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    We dedicate to manufacturing rod lens, double concave lens, penta prism, wedge prism, Optical Round Window, color glass filter, beamsplitter plate, dielectric hr mirror, optical lens, optical prism, Optical Window, plano concave lens, achromat lens, corner cube prism, roof prism, optical heteromorphic window, optical rectangular window, optical round window.
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    Leading precision optical components supplier and drive customers value with competition and beyond
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    To be the best team To be the best performance To be the best partner
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    Treat people around us as our customers Think and act from the customer''''s point of view Do our best to satisfy our customers
    Meniscus Lens

    Meniscus Lens can increase the NA of the system while only adding slightly to the total spherical aberrations. The Negative Meniscus Lens is used to increase the focal length of another lens while maintaining the angular resolution of the optical assembly....

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