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Details Of Optical Rectangular Window
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 1. Carefully pick and place as much as possible during normal use, and pay attention to the external environment to prevent scratching the filter.

2. Take a finger cot when touching the filter to avoid salt and acid on the surface of the optical rectangular window.

3. When taking the filter, hold the edge of the filter with your hand. Even if you are wearing a finger cot, do not touch the light-transmissive surface of the filter.

4. The filter should be placed on a soft and clean object, not on glass, metal, table, or dirty paper.

5. It should be placed in a clean capacitor paper or special lens cleaning paper when stored. The storage temperature is preferably around 23 ° C and the humidity is not higher than 40%. It is better to put it in a dry storage cabinet which buy from optical rectangular window wholesaler.

6. When you find that there are stains on the surface, you should clean it immediately. Because dust can easily scratch the surface.

7. If the acid material left by the finger is left out for too long, it will easily react with the surface coating material and become a permanent stain. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the surface stain of the filter in time.

8. Do not stack the filters together to avoid wear.

Optical Rectangular Window

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