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What Do You Know About Optical Lens?
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 Optical Lenses are optical components designed to focus or diverge light. Optical Lenses, which might consist of a single or multiple elements, are used in a huge variety of applications from microscopy to laser processing. Many industries utilize Optical Lenses, including life sciences, imaging, industrial, or defense. As light moves through a lens, it is influenced by the lens' profile or substrate. A Plano-Convex (PCX) or Double convex lens causes light to focus to a point, even though a Plano-Concave (PCV) or Double concave lens induces the light travel through the lens to diverge. Achromatic Lenses are best for applications requiring color correction, even while Aspheric Lenses are made to correct spherical aberration. Germanium (Ge), Silicon (Si), or Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) lenses are best for transmitting the Infrared (IR) spectrum, while Fused Silica is well suited for its Ultraviolet (UV).

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