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Development Of Double Convex Lens
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 Optical materials are a general term for materials having certain optical properties and functions used in optical experiments and optical instruments. At present, there are dozens of types of optical materials: colorless optical glass and colored optical glass, infrared optical materials, double convex lens,  optical crystals, optical quartz glass, artificial optical quartz crystals, glass ceramics, optical plastics, optical fibers, filters. , aviation plexiglass, milky white diffused glass and related liquid materials. Among them, optical glass is most used in imaging elements.

Due to the close integration of the modern optical industry with the electronics industry, information technology and communication technology, the application of optoelectronic technology, photonics technology and electronic industry technology in custom optical lens supplier has broken through the traditional concepts in the optical components and optical processing industries. Spherical surfaces, diffractive optical elements, WDM wavelength division multiplexing devices processed with ultra-high precision thin film technology, and ultra-high precision optical components fabricated with next-generation lithography equipment dominate the mainstream of next-generation optical components.

Double Convex Lens

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